Pet Insurance Increasing in Popularity

Local Farmers Insurance Agent Shares Importance of Pet Policies

DULUTH, Minn. – Health insurance has been a hot topic for months now as lawmakers look to improve our healthcare system.

But, what about our furry friends?

We often forget about the possibilities of dreaded medical bills when taking our pets to the veterinarian.

“I don’t think people know about it yet,” said Patrick Shelton, Farmers Insurance Agent in Duluth, Minnesota.

In the Northland agencies are now expanding coverage, centering on cats and canines.

“We’re trying to get it out there. We let our current customers know about the pet insurance,” said Shelton.

Shelton says he and his staff have a passion for protecting their clients.

“It eliminates that fear of should I help my pet versus not,” said Shelton.

Fear, being taken away with a monthly payment of thirty to sixty dollars.

“Clients can’t believe how inexpensive it is,” said Shelton.

He says his office located on Matterhorn Drive, has already sold five pet policies; a number he hopes continues to increase.

“We have a customer already used it and their very happy with it,” said Shelton.

Kilian Ottman is a recent customer of Farmers Insurance. Not long ago, he decided to put a paw forward on healthcare for his furry friend.

“I talked to Pat about it and signed up,” said Ottman.

For Kilian and his four year old pup Kia, coverage kicked in at the right time.

“We raced to the ER vet. I put stuff in the dishwasher and she licked the blade off of the food processor,” said Ottman. “She was bleeding profusely.”

A simple mistake turning into a severe injury. One cut to the tongue, costing hundreds of dollars for Kilian.

“I made the $400 dollar cheesecake.”

Expensive icing to an unwanted dessert. Killian says it could happen at any time, to anyone.

“After all the bills and the regular vet, medication, that’s why I call it the 400 dollar cheesecake,” said Ottman.

For less than $500 dollars every year, Kilian now knows his furry friend is more protected than ever before.

“It’s a simple, easy reimbursement process,” said Ottman.

A simple way to pay for his pet’s medical bills, without worry.

Agent Patrick Shelton says pre-existing medical conditions will stop your pet from qualifying for coverage. He says it’s best to purchase a pet
policy when your animal is young.

For more information, click here.

Contact Patrick Shelton at (218) 723-8188 or stop by the office at 4929 Matterhorn Drive in Duluth.

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