Local School Creates Cool Bird Puppet’s

Through A Grant From The State, North Shore Community School Worked With Art Teacher

Duluth, Minn.

All sorts of unique birds have made their way back to the Northwood’s for summer.

North Shore Community School worked with a professional puppeteer for several days to create bird puppets out of recycled materials and a teacher’s favorite, paper mache. Lots and lots of paper mache.

In the process the 5th and 6th graders studied birds that live in the Mississippi flyway and showed off their creations during a puppet parade.

“I think with the art sometimes they don’t realize how much their learning but they really had to look at the bird and we had to understand the beak shape they have, why is it like that, that’s because they eat that kind of food or the type of wing they have,” Julia Boaba, Teaching Artist said.

Students were excited to see the process threw from start to finish.

“It was really fun, seeing how the birds go from a ball and a cardboard tube to like the head and tail. It was really cool to see them form.” says a Student.

The parade was possible thanks to a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

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