Jeopardized Memorial Day Parade Successfully Takes Place in Duluth

Just Weeks Ago, the Parade Only Had 16 Units Registered to Participate

DULUTH, Minn.- The Northland Memorial Day Parade, which has been around since 1871, were having trouble getting people to participate this year with only 16 units registered just a few weeks ago. But after successfully finding 52 units to be in the parade, the committee was able to pull it off.

Organizers believe the popularity of the parade has gone down in recent years, because children aren’t learning what Memorial Day is truly about.

“We want them to know why they’re here. It’s not just candy and flags. It’s because you’re free. And you can go to school free. Because of what these veterans have done for us,” said Karin Swor, the organizer for the parade.

But many of those attending the parade know the importance of remembering the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and that’s why they continue to attend, year after year. Many of those people bring their kids to pass on the important message to the next generation.

“It’s one way of giving back and showing that we care about the veterans it’s a wonderful thing having served and being able to serve for them now,” said Dan Johnson, a Driver for the Disabled American Veterans.

Though organizers are unsure if the parade will continue on next year, they plan to start working on the parade earlier to make it successful.

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