Knowing Your Neighbors: Paul’s Market

Pasties are the Specialty at this Iron Range Staple

EVELETH, Minn – Locals say in Eveleth there’s only one place to get a pasty. Paul’s Market.

Owner Paul Nemanick sells so many pasties he can’t put a number on it.

“I don’t know, lots of them,” said Nemanick. “We started out just Wednesdays and Fridays, and people would come in Tuesdays and turn around walk out the door because we didn’t have pasties.”

Now the only day you can’t get a fresh pasty is Monday. But Paul’s has plenty in the freezer.

“People come by, pick 2, 3 dozen at a time,” said Nemanick, who even ships frozen pasties as long as the customer is willing to pay for shipping.

“We’ve sent them to California quite a bit,” said Nemanick.  “Arizona, Florida, New York; we send them all over.”

So what sets a Paul’s pasty apart?

“I would say the crust is the biggest part, and there’s meat in them,” said Nemanick.

But pasties aren’t the only thing Paul’s is known for. Nemanick also sells plenty of pot pies and sausage.

“10–12 different varieties of bratwurst, potato sausage, blood sausage,” said Nemanick.

Paul’s sausage remains a link to his roots.

“Started out back in the day, 35 years ago, as a meat market,” said Nemanick. “It’s been a journey, so to say.  Through the mine shutdowns and open and closures and through the layoffs.  We’ve seen about four of them since we’ve been here.”

Paul’s opened in 1914 as the Parlanti and Negri market, and still sells plenty of authentic Italian items.

“They’re still popular.  You know, the older people like some of the different things,” said Nemanick.

While he admits he’s thought about moving, Nemanick says he’s in Eveleth to stay, which no doubt pleases Paul’s pasty partisans.

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