Doritos Drops a New Flavor on Duluth

A marketing tool for the company


DULUTH, Minn. – From about 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. today, it may have looked like there was a military exercise going on in Bayfront Park as helicopters and skydivers filled the sky.

Instead, it was Doritos marketing team putting on a show for Northlanders.

Doritos decided to drop a 200-bag pallet in the park, which featured their new chips called “HeatWave.” They dropped them on Duluth, because they thought the city needed a little warmth in its life.

“We’re bringing a ‘Heat Wave’ to Duluth here which registered one of the coldest temperatures on Memorial Day weekend and we thought you guys could use a little warming up today,” said Chris Yemma, a spokesperson for Doritos.

Duluth was the only location in the country where the stunt was performed.

A video is expected to come out on Dorito’s social media channels in the near future, which will feature the event.

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