Duluth Citizens Express Concerns Over LED Lights

Public Meeting Held Tonight Could Bring Better Light To The Situation

Discussion over the use of LED lights in the city of Duluth has been going on for months now. Tonight another public meeting was held to address outdoor lighting. The City of Duluth has already converted a majority of the cities street lights to a blueish colored LED.

Because so many have had concerns over the brightness, city staff was on hand tonight to hear more public input over lights they say over illuminate certain areas. Some residents don’t mind the thought of LED, but want the city to dim them down to a level with less ambient lighting.

Through discussion the city is trying to find a better way to utilize technology to control the output the lights impress upon on their surrounding.

“Is there a way to bring down the brightness but yet maintain the public safety that we’re looking for yet maintain energy efficiency that we’re looking for? That we’ve done some research on.”

One resident we spoke too is completely against the idea of transitioning to LED all together. Stating, he believes crime could become an issue if the city plans to stick with the brightness.

“When you have blue lighting it just goes further. It goes in the sky, it goes in the neighbors and then a lot of people think it looks like prison lights which I do too.”

Tonight the city proposed guidelines for new lighting spectrum’s on public property and along public streets.Minnesota Power hasn’t even started installing LED lights on all the wooden polls they have or in residential areas.

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