Project in Duluth is Preserving Area Veteran Stories

A Training for Volunteers Was Held Thursday

DULUTH, Minn.- Veterans Memorial Hall, a Duluth Historical Society program,  is putting together a project to preserve stories about Veterans.

Volunteers were trained today to conduct one on one interviews with veterans in the area, for the Memorial Hall’s Oral History Program. Once the interviews are done, they will be transcribed and stored at the Albert J Amatuzio Research Center in the Veterans Memorial Hall, and will be available on their website.

“I think it’s really important to tell our stories for everyone, and the veterans experience is something we haven’t all gone through so I think it’s important to share those things so that we all know what that was like, and save that piece of history that hopefully isn’t going to repeat again,” said Heather Lake, a Volunteer.

The purpose of the Oral History Program is to make the stories available to the public, for generations to come.


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