Walgreens Installs New Safes to Prevent Drug Robberies

The Time Delay Safes Stop People From Getting Access to Drugs Immediately

DULUTH, Minn. Prescription drug abuse is a big problem across the Nation, but now, Walgreens in Minnesota are using time delay safes to prevent selected Narcotics from being stolen.

The rates of robberies that happen in Pharmacies have gone up, since the Nation started facing an opioid epidemic. To combat this, Walgreens in Minnesota now put certain drugs in a Time Delay Safe. The safe is made to not open right away, so criminals aren’t able to get their hands on drugs inside them, even if they are able to get into the pharmacy.

“Where time delay safes have been installed, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in pharmacy robberies,” said Tonya Ingalls, the Regional Asset Protection Manager.

Walgreens is currently using time delay safes in more than a dozen states.

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