Community Members Learn What It’s Like to be a Firefighter

It's Not Just About Fighting Fires

DULUTH, Minn.- Most of us know that fire fighters fight fires, but what they actually do on the job covers so much more than that. So today, people had the chance to suit up in full fire fighter gear, and try out a little bit of what fire fighters do on a daily basis.

Around 30 people attended the Fire Ops 101 event, to learn about what fire fighters do. Attendees tried their hand in emergency medical response, auto extrication and of course, fighting fires.

“Most people don’t know what the fire department does besides responding to fires, but in the case that we respond to, 70 percent of our calls are actually medical calls, we also provide rescue, hazardous  materials response, and also are members of the state urban search and rescue team,” said Camron Vollbrecht, an MPO at the Superior Fire Department.

People who attended said the experience was eye opening, and helped them develop a greater appreciation for how fire fighters serve their communities each day.

“They do such an important service for us, and sometimes we never know what they go through or what it’s like to really do their jobs, so to me it was just a really great way to learn and have some fun as well,” said Bonny Copenhaver, the Vice President of Academic Affairs at WITC.

The event was held at the Superior Fire Department Headquarters on Tower Avenue.

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