Exploring Super Science Fridays

Mrs. KP Incorporates Science into all Methods of Learning at Homecroft Elementary

DULUTH, Minn. – For the past ten years one elementary school teacher in Duluth has been pouring out passion for science into the classroom.

It’s now becoming a favorite lesson, every Friday.

When walking past room 206 at Homecroft Elementary you can hear a beat and a buzz coming from inside.

“Science is real, science is everywhere! This is Professor Friday,” said Mrs. KP, First Grade Teacher at Homecroft Elementary. “He is our lead singer for our Super Science Friday song.”

Professor Friday is going on ten years alongside his partner in crime.

“He really hasn’t found much of his voice yet,” said Mrs. KP, maneuvering her puppet around.

Mrs. KP loves creating controlled scientific chaos in her classroom.

“Super science Friday was kind of born ten years ago when I started teaching first grade,” said Mrs. KP.

She developed the weekly lesson based on common curiosity from students.

“I realized that kids asked really good questions,” said Mrs. KP.

Questions, creating a new culture of science.

“I want to inspire these kids because this is a sacred place, our classroom,” said Mrs. KP.

“We’re learning about pollination and we’re learning about collapsed colonies and bees,” said first grader Bella.

This week, bees happen to be the buzz of the class. Mrs. KP says with the declining bee population, it’s important to teach her student how to minimize the environmental reality.

With hands on experiments, she’s expanding horizons for this group of first graders.

“It’s bringing it all full circle,” said Mrs. KP. Recently, she read Goldilocks and The Three Bears to her students. Afterwards, they were tasked with designing and building a bed strong enough to hold weight of the three bears.

Common story books, creating core skills.

“Our schools claim we’re 21st century schools, and I think this is just another step to those 21st century skill kids need,” said Mrs. KP.

“We get to do lots of science and I love science,” said first grader Cameron.

Successful amounts of reading, writing and math, centering on one special character in the classroom; Professor Friday.

“I’m just a guide upon their journey,” said Mrs. KP. “Someday I want them to say, I can be an engineer, I can be an agriculture engineer, I can be a software engineer, I can change the world.”

Mrs. KP is hopeful she will have permission from future principals to continue Super Science Friday lessons in the classroom.

Since starting the weekly tradition, she’s traveled to four national conferences to present her scientific classroom methods.

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