Former Drug Addict Turns Life Around

Davey Speaks To Kids Across The U.S. As A Form Of Motivation On Recovery

Duluth, Minn.

A former drug addict turned musician met with youth tonight in west Duluth to talk about the role drugs played in her life.

Mindy Davey has traveled the country talking to young teens about her trials and tribulations while she was addicted to crack–cocaine and prescription pain pills.

After numerous run-ins with the law and a number of stints in rehab, Mindy turned to music as a form of comfort and turned her life around.

“Giving these kids hope, that’s the main thing. A lot of these kids go through what they go through and they lose hope. They don’t have any hope. I kind of bring that to the table. I like to give them some kind of positivity that they can rely on and just know they can make it out of anything,” says Davey.

She’s been working hard in the studio these days. She has an album set to hit the open airwaves later this month.

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