Imagine Duluth 2035 Looking For Different Ways Of Commuting Around Town

Focus Group Looks Into Possible Lake Ave Overpass Change

DULUTH, Minn. – Congestion on Lake Avenue from those trying to access Canal Park from Superior Street has become a growing concern for the city of Duluth.

A focus group met tonight to talk about 6 different proposed policies that would better forms of transportation in different parts of the city. The focus group, which is part of the Imagine Duluth 2035 initiative came together tonight to talk about multiple areas around Duluth that could use some TLC.

One area specifically is the overpass above I–35 that connects the busy tourist district of Canal Park to the cramped business district of Superior Street.

With more people visiting Canal Park and more frustration growing over available parking, the focus group is trying to figure out how to utilize downtown parking while finding a way to safely move foot traffic and bikers across the current scary overpass.

“The walk signals take forever. It always feels like there traffic coming from every direction. One of the ideas we threw out was could we do a trial where bikes and pedestrians don’t have to go down to street level, where maybe the cars would have to watch out for bikes and pedestrians as they’re about to cross that intersection,” City Planner Jenn Moses says.

The proposed plan that was presented tonight also included narrowing current car lanes to make room for a bike lane and lowering the height of the curbs for those walking across the overpass.

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