April Larson, Running The Table

Minnesota Standout Making A Name For Herself

DULUTH, Minn- The City of Duluth found itself in the corner pocket this June, with the 2nd Annual Eight Ball Classic at the Break Room. The local event is attended by some of the best pool players in the world, including, Minnesota native and rising star on the national scene, 17–year–old April Larson.

The familiar image of a pool room regular may be a questionable character in a eerie setting, but Larson says the stereotypes are far from reality, and while many may consider pool to be nothing more than bar room recreation, for Larson it’s a passion and an escape.

At the young age of the 17, she’s already one of the top amateur players in the country and providing an inspiration to other females in the sport. In her most recent event, Larson took on her toughest competition yet, and in an added bonus, played a challenge match against one of her idols, The Queen Of The Hill, 8 time world champion Loree Jon Hasson.

However, the world of pool is mainly dominated by an older male demographic, so it’s up to amateur virtuosos like Larson to keep the sport rolling. A difficult, but a viable challenge of one of pool’s rising stars.

Thus, with the fate of the sport resting squarely on the shoulders of competitors like April Larson, the future of the game of pool looks like a perfect break.

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