Business Booming at Beaver Bay Sports

For Nearly Four Decades, Beaver Bay Sports Shop Has Offered Locals and Tourists Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

BEAVER BAY, Minn. – Summer is officially here which means business is starting to boom along Lake Superior’s North Shore.

Many businesses rely on a summer rush while others have found opportunities to evolve, catering to customers year round.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, FOX 21’s Brett Scott stopped by one shop doing just that.

“Everybody’s getting their boats ready, their motors ready,” said Cindy Wartman, Owner of Beaver Bay Sports.

Summertime is a special season along scenic Highway 61.

“This is getting to the peak season right now,” said Wartman.

A busy hustle and bustle of cars with canoes, passing by.

“When the sun is shining, everybody’s happy. All the cabin owners are beginning to come up,” said Wartman.

Sunshine, resulting in sweet success for the owners of Beaver Bay Sports. Customers are now coming from various locations.

With ATV and kayak rental available, Wartman says summer business starts booming around the beginning of June. Motors need tuning, and campers are in high demand.

“The mosquitos have been coming out, the nats are hanging around too but all and all it’s been pretty good,” said Wartman.

The outdoor sales and service center is going on nearly four decades of doing business in the Beaver Bay community.

“We came back in 1972 with our two young kids, Jesse and Amanda,” said Wartman.

Since then, many seasons have come and gone. Snowmobiles, changing to ATVS. Outdoor gear, coming into play when weather wasn’t cooperating.

“We have been here for 26 years,” said Wartman.

Cindy and her husband Mike are making countless memories with customers, servicing and selling to thousands.

“We have a lot of locals who really depend upon our repair shop,” said Wartman.

Creating a core connection with local traffic, while also catering to those passing by.

“Tourists are here and they are the ones that are stopping by because they’re the ones that need something they forgot at home,” said Wartman.

Living on site, the family-run business prides itself on providing service twenty-four-seven.

“Whenever anybody needs anything we’re here. Stop in for what’s going on for fishing, stop in for a trail map.”

Lending a helping hand whether you’re buying a boat, purchasing a locally made Duluth Pack or just swinging by to have a tune up taken care of.

“Just stop in to get the local idea of what’s going on so you know exactly where to go to have fun,” said Wartman.

Beaver Bay Sports offers many kayaks, canoes and ATVs for rent over the summer.

Beaver Bay Sports is located at 4878 Highway 61, Beaver Bay, Minnesota. Call (218) 226-4666 or click here for more information.

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