Remembering Those Lost In The Largest Mass Shooting On U.S. Soil

49 Shot Dead At Pulse Night Club Are Remembered In Duluth

Duluth, Minn.

Tonight local groups representing the LGBTQ community came together to remember all 49 of the victims shot and killed in Orlando.

Dozens showed up to pay their respects at the Powless Cultural Center.

Tonight “remembering pulse– one year later” was a commemorative event aiming to honor those 49 victims and all the others that were wounded or affected during the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

There was a moment of silence, opportunities for reflection giving those who wanted too, a chance to speak from the heart about that horrible night just one year ago.

“It’s a good moment to pause and take stalk to the fact that this was the largest modern mass shooting in history too honor out history that’s very often erased but also to share space and be in community with folks that we maybe don’t always have a chance to be around.” Says organizer Roze Brooks.

49 candles were lit and pictures of all 49 killed in the shooting hung on the wall. Pictures were strung around the room that were taken from the victims themselves. It was a opportunity for those to remember that this type of violence still occurs.

“Some folks still don’t know what to do with the reality of that event and some folks are pretty realistic and know that that type of violence is what some of us encounter on a regular basis.”

This day has been dedicated as “Orlando United Day– a day of love and kindness.”

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