Urologist Speaks Out During Men’s Health Week

Tips for Staying Healthy

DULUTH, Minn. – This week, June 12-16, is recognized as Men’s Health Week.

This morning, Dr. Andrew Nisbet of St. Luke’s Urology Associates visited FOX 21 to speak on the topic.

Dr. Nisbet says, “This is a week men should be encouraged to talk to their doctors about health concerns that they have. Some of these issues can be even embarrassing for men to talk about and I think it’s important for men to recognize that as health care professionals we treat issues in men’s health just as they should be treated, as health care issues.”

According to Dr. Nisbet, men should perform physical exams, or get laboratory tests to ensure they have a good quality of life.

If anyone has a medical concern, Dr. Nisbet says they should contact their primary physician.

For more information, head to slhduluth.com.

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