Foot Patrol Officer Now Assigned To Downtown, Canal Park Beat

Officer To Build Relationships, Perform Long-Term Problem Solving

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Police Department is going old school in the way it patrols the downtown and Canal Park business districts. For the first time in a decade, a full-time police officer will now be on foot patrol, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

It’s a new day for Duluth police officer Mike Jambor.

There’s no squad car and no responding to 911 calls.

It’s just him, the pavement and the people.

Jambor is the newly revived foot patrol officer for the areas of 1st Street down to Superior Street and on to Canal Park areas.

He’s tasked with building relationships with business owners and employees, identifying problems and solving them long term before a 911 call is ever made.

“People talk about it all the time back in the day when they knew their officer by name and that relationship was built and when you have that – communication opens up and it’s better for the community and the police department at the same time,” Jambor explained.

Jambor’s new beat also includes patrolling the busy skywalk system and the business in the Holiday Center like Dunbar Flower and Gifts.

“We get to know each other, we’re not afraid to go to him. He knows who we are and if we need help, they’re here. And honestly, downtown’s gotten much better than it used to be,” said Laurie King, vice president of Dunbar Floral and Gifts.

And it’s that positive, safe vibe that the Greater Downtown Council is hoping will grow even stronger with officer Jambor in the mix.

“When you have about 18,000 employees in the downtown, for them to be able to know that there’s a dedicated officer to the downtown on top of the patrol officers throughout the community who are still down here, I think that’s really important,” Stokes said.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Lt. Chad Nagorski, who is overseeing the downtown beat, believes officer Jambor’s intel downtown will greatly help alert other officers on patrol.

“He can actually get it out to squads so they are informed about what the problems are downtown,” Nagorski said.

And that’s especially true, according to Nagorski, as more and more locals and tourists pack into the heart of the city.

“With the NorShor Theatre being revamped and all the businesses that have opened up in this Superior Street and Canal area, you know, we are getting a lot of people around the state and the country to come here, and we want to make sure they feel safe,” Nagorski said.

Meanwhile, if you see Jambor on the street, he encourages you to not avoid him and…“Stop and say hi and we’ll chat for a bit, maybe take a couple of pictures — whatever it may be. Just good conversation,” Jambor said.

The Duluth Police Department ant its parking enforcement division are funding the added officer for the downtown foot patrol beat.

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