Two Harbors Gears Up For Big Weekend

Grandma's Marathon Heading To Town

In Two Harbors,

Hotels and restaurants are gearing up for their biggest weekend of their year.

With the over 9,000 runners participating in the full marathon the city’s population will more than double during the race. The town hovers just under 4,000 residents.

So doubling that number with just the racers and not even counting the tourist, you could imagine the impact the race has on the local economy. Locals call it the official start of summer for Two Harbors.

“The summer really doesn’t happen until Grandma’s weekend. Because usually it’s a little chilly right before and then after it’s amazing,” said Mayor of Two Harbors, Chris Swanson.

The small streets of two harbors will be crawling with race enthusiast all weekend.

“Two Harbors has a slogan, “it all starts here”. Of course this is the start of Grandma’s Marathon so people come in and enjoy some food, the families come in with the racers,” Swanson said.

Something local hotels and restaurants have come accustom too, but always prepare for.

“There are hundreds of volunteers that have to help out with the start. As well as all the security issues and making sure everything is cleaned up,” Swanson said.

They know exactly what to feed the racers.

“We make sure we have a lot of our pasta dishes ready for anybody that’s going to come up. Our Betty’s Spaghetti or our Luca Pasta’s are always really popular,” says Sarianne Sve, Manager of Blackwoods Two Harbors.

And exactly what they’ll want to do when they return from the race.

“We have hot tubs too. People coming back from Grandma’s love the hot tubes because they like to soak their muscles,” Says Herb Lattin, Manager of Superior Shores Resort.

Great hospitality will be on display the whole weekend.

That’s to be expected on the biggest day of the year.

“We know that Grandma’s Marathon is going to hit us hard. It’s going to hit us earlier than our regular business. It gives us a chance to shine for all the guest,” Says Lattin.

“We all work together. We make sure everything goes smoothly and make sure our guest have the best possible outcome when they come,” Sve says.

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