Middle School Students Launch Rockets in the Name of Science

DULUTH, Minn. —

A science-themed summer camp at College of St. Scholastica in Duluth came to an end this week.

But they did it with a bang!

From the front parking lot on campus, it was easy to hear the sounds of rockets going up, up, and away.

Duluth middle schoolers have been on campus all week long, touring and talking to professors and also learning about science, with a mix of gun powder and creativity.

“We’ve learned about the weather and what parts of it are good and bad for when you are launching a rocket,” said Dasia Starks, 13, a rising eight grader at Lincoln Park Middle.  “And it’s just – it’s very fun to learn all of these things.”

Starks says she and the summer camp group have been learning about many different aspects of science, math, and engineering this week.

“It’s very cool – It’s fun when you get to go outside and do all these things instead of just stay in a classroom all day,” she said.

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