17th Annual Lincoln Park Walleye Open

Supporting West Duluth And Area Businessess

Duluth, Minn.

Grandma’s marathon wasn’t the only outdoor activity you could partake this weekend. It was also the 17th annual Lincoln Park walleye open put on by the Lincoln Park Business Group.

Hundreds of anglers including Fox 21’s Joey Norton set out on the St. Louis River early Saturday morning hoping to bring in the big one.

“We are offering 40 prizes for the 40 largest fish and the 40th wins the big prize which is about $1,000.” Says Bob MacLean, LPBG

It’s for a great cause and a good way to spend time with the family. I had the pleasure of hanging out with my father in law, superior legend Bruce Moder. Our day started out quick with a quick catch that was too small to keep. We added two more after that, but like some other anglers, we must not have been holding our mouths right.

“Like all fisherman, they stretch the truth a little bit and say it was a little slow,” MacLean said.

That wasn’t the case for others with some bringing in nice 8 pounders. After all the anglers are there for a good reason.

“The proceeds for this go to support the Lincoln Park Business Group as well as a couple of charities including the Boy and Girls club and the Duluth Children’s Museum,”MacLean said.

The Lincoln Park Business Group continues to revitalize west Duluth with so many more options than recent years.

“We have Bent Paddle, we have OMC Smokehouse, we have Frost River and we have Duluth Grill. We have a lot of different stores that have just opened in the last few months” says Julia Mattson, LPBG.

The business group wouldn’t be able to put forth their vision if it weren’t for the anglers.

“We have a lot of people that come back year after year after year. They love it. It’s really nice to see the familiar faces and it’s always fun watching the fish come in,” Mattson said.

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