It’s Been 5 Years Since the Flood of 2012

The Flood Cause 47 Million Dollars Worth of Damages


DULUTH ,Minn.- Monday marks 5 years since the flood of 2012 that caused damage to thousands of households in the Northland.

Experts say a few days before the flood, there had been a couple inches of rain that had saturated the soil, so when the next round of rain came on June 19th the soil couldn’t hold anymore rain.  That coupled with the storm bringing multiple inches of rain down on the Northland caused the flood that cost the city of Duluth millions of dollars in damages.

“All the rain on saturated soil caused tremendous amount of flash flooding which tore up roads, sidewalks, homes, caused mudslides and of course we heard about, the zoo,” said Carol Christenson, the Warning Coordinator Meteorologist at the National Weather Center.

Experts say most of the rain actually fell into Lake Superior, and that if more of that rain had been on land, the damages would have been much worse.

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