Students Put on Their Thinking Caps at Camp Invention

DULUTH, Minn. – Summer vacation is known to parents as a time where some of their kids go bonkers, but a camp at Marshall School is letting them turn into mad scientists.

Kids in grades Kindergarten through 6th are able to participate in Camp Invention, which allows them to take apart devices and use the materials to build something brand new!

It might seem like quite the mess to some, but their teacher says the more chaos, the better.

“The learn they can be a scientist and it doesn’t have to be the crazy, white haired scientist you see on TV,” stated camp director, Megan Oswald. “If you have a roll of duct tape at home you can make inventions and have fun doing science.”

This year’s theme was “Duct Tape Billionaire,” where they had to create an original idea involving simply that, a roll of duct tape! They then had to market that product to their peers.

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