Community Members Rally to Defend the BWCA

A Public Hearing Will Be Held July 25th in Virginia

DULUTH, Minn.- Congressman Rick Nolan was on the Iron Range on Tuesday to show his support for the Twin Metals lease renewal, and today, demonstrators rallied in front of Nolan’s office in Duluth, calling for the congressman to protect the BWCA.

Many people at the rally believe pollution from the mines could have negative impacts on the boundary waters that could last for centuries, and are asking Congressman Nolan to support the on-going environmental review process of how copper mining could impact the area.

“We’re surrounded by the positive effects of mining, but the positive effects of mining, in this pristine area are unlikely, and the residual impacts almost everlasting,” said David Zentner, who is working with the Save the Boundary Waters Campaign.

But a statement from Congressman Nolan says he is against mining within the Boundary waters, but that

Prohibiting exploration outside of the BWCA buffer zone, before a project proposal is even made, is simply irresponsible. We should never be afraid of exploration and discovery, or using science and facts to dictate important decisions.”

Public hearings on this issue will be held on July 25th in Virginia.

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