Day Camp at Duluth Aquarium Makes Learning Science Fun

DULUTH, Minn. —

The Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth is hosting kids for the first of many day camps this summer.

Today kids at their “Superior Explorers” day camp are learning about how the Great Lakes formed, millions of years ago.

Each kid in the camp gets to play a part in the story of Lake Superior.

Camp leaders say for kids this age, it’s vital to make learning fun.

“We really get them engaged through play, through games, and through little demos where they really get to dive in deep so they get some hands on experience with the material,” said Public Programs Coordinator Larissa Giebner. “It’s exciting to see them get really excited about Lake Superior and about science.  They really are interested in what’s going on and I know that it sticks with them.”

The aquarium has several more camps going on later this summer.

Each camp has a theme, like animal safety or scuba diving.

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