Island Lake Gearing Up For Big Holiday Weekend

This Weeks Great Outdoors

ISLAND LAKE, Minn. – In this week’s Great Outdoors we head to Island Lake where they’re gearing up for a busy 4th of July weekend.

Summer is officially here so a few things come to mind like cabins, lakes, your grill, family and friends and of course your favorite beverages.

Island Lake sits just 20 miles north of Duluth. With its warm water, beautiful scenery and multiple activities there’s no wonder why hundreds flock to the lake during the summer.

“This is quintessential Northland. You’ve got the beautiful white pines all around, the water is clean, there’s lots of fish. It’s just a sweet place to be.” Bryan French, Director of Duluth Folk School says.

Some come to visit, but never leave like former Twin Cities residents Ken and Wendy Johnson.

“I would never move back, I love it up here. The trees, the lakes, the outdoors. Perfect anytime of the year,” Ken and Amy Johnson, Island Lake Residents.

“You can do so many things just in one day without going very far. We do sometimes biking and kayaking all in the same day, you can throw in a hike.” Jennifer Buseman, Kayak Guide, Day Tripper Duluth.

The Island Lake Inn expects this weekend to be one of the busiest of the year.

“Around the 4th of July everybody comes out to their cabins so the population definitely widens,” Garden says.

This weekend will be no exception with their widely popular Friday night fish fry.

“The bar is usually packed all night long so it’s pretty good when we open up the patio. It definitely helps out a lot because so many people come I that if were packed they can’t sit down right away.” said Whitney Garden, Waitress at Island Inn Restaurant and Bar.

The handbreaded Alaskan Pollack filets will have you coming back for more.

“Fish fry on Friday night, cold beer and fish fry. Then you come sit out here, enjoy the view and the outdoors, it’s wonderful.” Johnson’s say.

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