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Animal Allies has Reduced the Fostering Age Requirement to 18-Years-Old

DULUTH, Minn. – Adopting an animal comes with long term responsibility. For some, the commitment could stop an animal from finding a forever home. That’s why Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth is looking for your help in the form of foster care.

“We’re really looking to get our college aged people involved,” said Emily Aldritt, Volunteer Coordinator at Animal Allies.

To be a foster family it takes a special someone to temporarily take in a furry friend.

“It’s so hard to let go sometimes. For every one foster animal that goes out of the shelter, we can save two animals that are coming in,” said Aldritt.

Right now, reproduction rates are on the rise.

“Now that it’s baby season, kittens and puppies are everywhere and we need more help,” said Aldritt.

Much needed community support, from folks like fifteen year old Tabitha Moore.

“They need homes, they need happiness,” said Moore.

Over seven years, Tabitha and her family have helped house over 100 animals in the Northland.

Moore says she has learned a lot after years of taking in animals. “I don’t get attached to things very easily,” said Moore. She does, however, care for them tremendously.

“I love that I am able to make a difference in an animal’s life and it makes me very happy,” said Moore.

Happy to help find a furry friend, a forever home.

“Animals have emotions and feelings and helping those animals out with just having a home and having happiness is really great,” said Moore.

Animal Allies recently reduced the age regulation for fostering an animal. Previously, foster parents needed to be 21 years of age or older. Now, the requirement is 18 years of age.

Staff is hopeful this new rule will attract more people into fostering.

“We had a lot of momentum in the fall,” said Aldritt.

“Now, if you’re a student and you’re up all night studying on your computer you can have a kitten next to you,” said Alex Alexsevich, Medical Manager at Animal Allies.

A simple way to score a study buddy by following a few easy steps.

“We do a one-on-one foster training with myself or one of my interns,” said Aldritt.

Followed by a foster survey. From there, information is stored by Animal Allies until a match is made.

“The animals receive a lot of socialization and enrichment, it’s really important especially for our little ones to be exposed to a lot of different things,” said Aldritt.

“There are so many different animals out there and so many different stories, even though they can’t talk and tell us personally, we know what they’ve been through and we try to give them the best home we possibly can,” said Moore.

Signing up to foster is free. Animal Allies provides the foster parent(s) with a starter kit including dishes, treats, toys and some food. After that, it’s up to the foster home to provide food for the animal.

To date, more than 400 animals have been saved in the Northland thanks to foster families in the region.

Click here to sign up, or learn more about the program.

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