Klobuchar Shows Support for Craft Brewing in Duluth

The U.S. senator is working to lower federal taxes for small craft breweries and distilleries across the country

DULUTH, Minn., – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar was in Duluth on Monday to show support for craft breweries. Alongside local business leaders and local elected officials, Klobuchar met with the owners of Canal Park Brewing Company to discuss how the craft beer industry has helped Minnesota’s economy.

Klobuchar is currently working on legislation that would lower federal excise taxes for small craft breweries and distilleries across the country.

“One of the things I think we need to do is encourage more of these small businesses, and especially these small breweries, and we do that by reducing the taxes on the first 60,000 barrels,” said Klobuchar. “That would help Canal Park Brewing Company with all their barrels of beer.”

Klobuchar is the co-sponsor of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which has been introduced multiple times to the senate. She says it has received broad bi–partisan support.

Rockie Kabajecz, co-owner of Canal Park Brewing Company, says he appreciates Senator Klobuchar’s support of the craft beer industry.

“Any time you can lower your expense in a business, it’s better for the people in the business,” says Kabajecz. “This particular brewery has 115 employees. We want to do whatever we have to do to sustain these jobs.”

There are now more than 4,600 craft brewers in Minnesota,  helping support about 25,000 jobs.

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