Ashland Celebrates 4th of July With a Parade

But Some Others Celebrated Independence Day at the Beach

ASHLAND, Wis.- More than 50 Floats, people on horses, and marching bands moved down the streets of Ashland, for the 4th of July Parade.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Jake Levings, a Parade Attendee. “I’s a lot of fun. The kids love it. They like seeing a lot of stuff. The tractors, the Jets just flew over, that was really cool. And you get to see the businesses and floats and all that kind of stuff.”

It’s a tradition that’s been going on for years, and many say Independence Day wouldn’t be the same without it.

“We always have it on the 4th of July no matter what day it’s on, even on Sunday,” said Mary Mary McPhetridge, the director of Ashland Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s a good time for family to get together and come and see the parade and get sprayed by water and get some candy and get some sunshine,” said Levings.

While thousands of people enjoyed the parade in the city, a smaller handful of people decided to celebrate independence day with their friends and families in the great outdoors.

“We just are more quiet people we like to be alone more and kind of have our own family time,” said Amanda Kraemer, who was at the beach.

Some of those at the beach enjoyed playing in the water, building sand castles, and paddling; but with sunny skies and temperatures reaching close to 80 degrees, there was really no wrong way to celebrate the 4th for many of the people in the area.

“We’re celebrating our country, and even though we all have different political views, we can all appreciate the fact that we’re here together and we have to make things work,” said Leving.

4TH of July usually means bratwursts and burgers but one business in Ashland wanted to switch things up.

Ashland Baking Company had meals and snacks available at the Ashland parade. But instead of doing more traditional Independence Day foods, Ashland Baking Company made healthy options available for their version of festival foods. Hungry parade goers stopped by the business’s pop up tent to eat chicken satays with roasted vegetable and quinoa salad, fresh lemonade, and cold pressed coffee.

Spencer Taves (wholesale Manager)

02:29:14-27 I think it’s pretty easy to just kind of grab what you normally have and over indulge for a little bit but maybe if you have something a little different that wows you with the taste or brings you somewhere different maybe something you enjoy a little bit more, maybe you won’t scarf it down as much.

“We figured we make some pretty exciting things for the catering in our own kitchen, so decided to do something a little different for the 4th and have people come down,” said Spencer Taves, the Wholesale Manager for Ashland Baking Company.

It was Ashland Bakery’s first time having food at the parade.


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