Local Card Shop Reacts to NFL Star’s Fake Autographs

NFL star Dak Prescott is accused of using an autopen to sign hundreds of cards

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – NFL star Dak Prescott is under fire for allegedly using a machine to forge his signature.

The quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is accused of using an autopen to sign hundreds of Panini brand football cards.

Over at the Globe News card shop in Superior, owner Tom Unterberger says he’s never seen this happen with sports memorabilia.

While autopen signatures are common among political autographs and autobiographies, he’s surprised more athletes haven’t tried to do this sooner.

“There’s so much pressure on these guys, they sign so much, that this is just taking a step out of the process,” said Unterberger. “Maybe whoever did it didn’t realize that it made a difference to people.”

Unterberger actually just purchased a signed Dak Prescott card and had to check closely when news came out on Thursday to make sure his was authentic, to which he believes is. He adds that this is a rare instance and should not affect the sports memorabilia industry.

The company that sold the cards in question has issued a recall and will replace them with authentic signed cards.

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