Powerful Winds Cause a Tree to Fall in Duluth’s East Hillside

Storm Also Caused Power Outages, But Most Customers Had Power Restored By Thursday Afternoon

DULUTH, Minn. – Wednesday night’s storm left about 2,000 homes without power through the early morning and brought down branches and whole trees across the Northland.

One tree in Duluth couldn’t stand the powerful winds. It fell between two homes in East Hillside as the storm rolled through.

“It was about 5:43 in the morning and the wind was going really strong and I looked out the window and heard a crack,” says Barbara Saiki, a neighbor who heard the tree fall. “I had my glasses off so I put my glasses on and the tree was down.”

It caused damage to two houses in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

“I just thought ‘Oh my gosh, I hope Sarah’s house didn’t get it.’ And then I looked at the street to see if any cars were in the way or hit,” says Saiki.

Some in the are didn’t notice the tree until later in the morning.

“I let the dog out back and I seen all the branches and leaves in my back yard so the first thing I thought about was this old tree because it’s been there since my kids were little,” says Margie Meyer, another neighbor. “So I went out to look, and sure enough it was down.”

Neighbors say, given the tree’s size, they’re glad more damage wasn’t done.

“It was amazing that it went in between, because there’s every other week, this would have been a full line of cars, so it could have hit a bunch of cars but didn’t,” says Saiki.

By mid-afternoon, power had been restored to most homes where it was knocked out by the storm.

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