New Café Brings Year-Round Jobs, Revitalization to Gary New Duluth

The Trophy Café is locally owned and operated by Mont du Lac Resort

GARY NEW DULUTH, Minn. – Gary New Duluth has lived through decades of history. Buildings have changed ownership and new beginnings have come and gone.

Now, one local resort is expanding into the neighborhood, inviting you to stop by for a fresh home cooked meal.

“When you make an order, a chef in the back is going to make it from scratch when the ticket comes in,” said Mike Ohara, General Manager at Trophy Café.

Sausage, eggs and bacon are now the buzz along Commonwealth Avenue.

“We make everything from scratch,” said Ohara.

Gary New Duluth is now home to the Northland’s newest café.

“The community has welcomed this operation with open arms and we’ve been busy every day that we’ve been open,” said Ohara.

Opening in June, the Trophy Café is locally owned and operated by Mont du Lac Recreation Resort.

“It’s been a fun endeavor to take on in addition to the other projects that we have,” said Ohara.

The owners wanted a place for winter resort employees to work year round.

“We had this opportunity on the building present itself and we loved the idea,” said Ohara.

A new love café customer Bob Berg now shares.

“The food was delicious, the wait staff was excellent,” said Berg.

This lifelong Duluthian dabbles in checking out old architecture and buildings across the Northland. The charming café once served as a drugstore in the 1950s.

“I think they’ve done a really nice job of restoring it,” said Berg. “I like how they kept the tin ceiling on.”

Developers, keeping historical concepts in mind while handmade dishes fly out the door.

“It’s good to get more people into the business area of Gary New Duluth,” said Berg.

“Obviously there are some unique animals on the wall that tie it back to our trophy lodge at Mont du Lac,” said Ohara.

Common connections, creating a lasting effect as the Trophy Café aims to win over its customers.

“We offer very unique bacon and sausage which everybody has been excited to see, great big links,” said Ohara. “Everything is basically made fresh when you order it, and the ingredients are fresh.”

“I’ll definitely come back,” said Berg.

The Trophy Cafe is located at 1314 Commonwealth Avenue in Gary New Duluth.

The café is open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week.

Visit Trophy Café on Facebook for more information.

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