Little League, Big Tournament

Western Little League Heads To Central Regional Tourney

DULUTH, Minn- The Western Duluth Little League Program has earned themselves an incredible opportunity.

They’re preparing to head to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the Little League Central regional tournament on July 21st. The team, won the intermediate state championship Tuesday evening to earn their road trip. Should they win, they’re off to the Little League World Series n California.

The team has set up a fundraising page to help gain support for their trip.

Coach Ian Lewandowski explains, “It’s really exciting for the western Duluth community. There’s a real sense of pride in this community for this area of Duluth, it’s a very blue collar part of town and a lot of the parents and coaches here at western grew up playing for the Western Duluth Little League, so people take a lot of pride in the fact that a group of kids from our community are going on to represent western Duluth, in what should be a very fun tournament for them.”

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