Summer Pet Apparel with A Place for Fido

Local Pet Store Offers Summer Safety Tips for Your Furry Friends

DULUTH, Minn. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re tackling summertime apparel for your pets.

It’s something many of us often forget about when in the water, on the sidewalk or even lounging at home.

“Animals can sense the drop of the barometric pressure and we don’t even feel it,” said Ben Parents, Co-owner of A Place for Fido.

Thunderstorms are often paired with high pitched barks throughout the summer months.

“We use thunder shirts for many things, it’s a great calming vest this time of year for dogs that are noise reactive,” said Parent.

Snug jackets, proving comfort while easing the strain during a storm.

“During summertime it gets a little bit crazy down here,” said Parent.

At A Place for Fido, Parent is seeing a boom in business this time of year.

“Dogs are welcome here all the time! Life jackets, we carry a few different styles. We also do a lot of specialty gear for dogs,” said Parent.

Special gear so important during the short season in the Northland.

“We only get a couple of months here. Apparel and safety is one of those things that sometimes people don’t think about until it’s too late,” said Parent.

He says thinking ahead could help prevent painful vet bills down the road.

“In the summer, often times if we’re doing a lot of sidewalk work for example, sidewalks and asphalt can get really hot on dogs’ pads,” said Parent

Booties can often overheat your pets. Experts say it’s best to go for a wax substance when the weather starts to warm.

“It’s hard on their pads and it’s hard on their feet. You put it [wax] on their pads once a week in the summertime,” said Parent.

Items such as cooling pads, camp sleeping bags and brush protectors are also in high demand right now.

“If you can bring your animal into the store, that way we can actually size them and fit them,” said Parent.

A lifesize fitting room for your furry friends, located right inside the Fitger’s complex.

The local pet store is teaming up with The Boat Club Restaurant every Tuesday this summer for a Doggy Happy Hour.

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