Local Expert Makes Learning About Dental Health Fun


Learning how to take care of our teeth – it’s something most of us learned at an early age.

At the Boys and Girls Club in Superior, a group of kids 10 and younger are getting that lesson in dental health first hand.

A representative from Just Kids Dental leads a demonstration on how to brush, floss, and fight off cavities for a group of kids from Superior.

She’s assisted by local girl scouts.

Branch Director Tim Stratioti says it’s important for these kids to continue learning, even when they are out of school for the summer.

“Without kids feeling like they’re in school, we want them to continue to learn and grow and experience,” Stratioti said.  “Of course, dental hygiene, oral health is very important.  And we want the kids to understand from a professional perspective why that’s important.”

The Boys and Girls Club in Superior serves nearly 170 children total, and about 40 to 60 kids a day.

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