Superior 4-H Kids Sell Their Animals In Auction

Beef, Pork and Lamb sold to the highest bidder

Superior, Wis.

The beef auction one of the most popular events at the head of the lakes fair was held tonight

4h kids ranging from the 3rd to 12th grades we’re able to show off their farm raised animals tonight in front of a huge crowd.

Tonight marks the end of months of hard work inside the barn.

The kids feed, tame, and train their cows, sheep and hogs for months hoping to sell them to the highest bidder in tonight’s auction.

“These steer that are being sold here tonight are going to market. So they will be turned in to steak, hamburgers and all kinds of goodness,” 4-H Vice President, Michael Streveller said.

Streveller says that if you need any extra hands for events around town to contact your local 4H club and they would love to volunteer.

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