City Of Superior Has $100K In Untouched Tourism Dollars

Superior, Wis. — The City of Superior has a problem — a good problem.

The city needs to decide how to spend $100,000 in excess hotel and motel tax revenue.

The $100,000 has added up over the years from leftover balances.

At this point the City Council and Superior Mayor Jim Paine have decided to put together an events committee.

That events committee would then hear ideas from the public on how they feel the money should be best spent.

“I could draft some language about the scope of the money, the way it should be used. We can either identify or create a committee and define the authority it would have and then we would identify the source of the funds,” said Paine.

The council did say the money needs to be spent on something that would drive people into the area.

One scenario proposed by councilors Craig Sutherland and Brent Fennessey was to connect Billings Park and Barkers Island with a year-round trail through the municipal forest. That plan has been put on hold for a while as the parks and recreation committee works to come up with a master plan that would include the trail.

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