BCA Collects DNA For Data Base

Hopes To Match DNA With Unidentified Remains

Across the U.S. there are thousands of unidentified humane remains that have yet to be identified.

That’s why the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has teamed up with Duluth PD to encourage anyone who knows of a missing family member to give samples of DNA to investigators.

The DNA would then go into a missing person data base for comparison.

“Back in the day we didn’t have the technology that we have available today. We didn’t collect DNA back then. This gives them an opportunity to collect that DNA and then the BCA will take that and they also have a repository of human remains that they’ll sample to see if there’s any matched and hopefully this will help identify some of those.” Sgt. Mike Lafontaine, Duluth PD

More than 100 of the missing person cases are currently in Minnesota.

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