Scottish Rite Clinic Shows Off New Place

Inviting Patients Back After Years Being Away

Duluth, Minn.

The Scottish Rite Clinic in Duluth has seen their fair share of building changes over the last 27 years.

The clinic has found a new home and wanted to show it off to former patients.

The Scottish Rite staff has seen parents and kids alike grow up through construction and multiple building changes over the last 27 years.

Finally with a new place to call home the clinic reached out to current and former patients to not only show off the new digs.

But to also check in and see how they’re doing since moving on from the program.

The Scottish Rite Clinic deals with childhood language disorders at an early age.

“A lot of our kiddos came to us many of them did not have words, did not have any way to communicate with parents or with the world,” says Carol Roberts, Director of Scottish Rite Clinic

Some of the resources included in the treatment are also for the parents.

Helping them understand easier ways to help their child.

“We’re here to try to help families understand what they can do to make it better for their whole family. It affects everybody,” says Roberts.

They say that a majority of the kids they see are diagnosed with autism.

The earlier a child receives treatment the better.

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