Community Forum Raises Opioid Awareness In St. Louis County

Some Call It An Epidemic

Hibbing, Minn.

The Hibbing community is doing their part to combat the opioid and meth problem in St. Louis County.

Hundreds came out to hear from multiple agencies that deal with the problem head on.

A panel consisting of representatives from St. Louis county public health, local law enforcement, attorney’s and even addiction survivors were on hand tonight.

The panel discussed their personal encounters with the growing use of opioid’s and methamphetamine in St. Louis County.

The region has seen an increase in violent crimes; overdoses and the number of children placed in foster care do to drugs.

“I think unfortunately the need for some of these people is great and the want, obviously supply and demand. I think it’s getting to the point where, I hate to use the word epidemic but we’ve reached it,” Says Michael Jugovich, District 7 St. Louis County Commissioner.

With the number of cases on the rise, they hope events like tonight will give parents and kids real life information on how dangerous the drugs are and also how to deal with someone you love being on drugs.

“I think a community environment like this does that. It says it’s ok that your sibling, your brother, your sister, your mom or your dad, they’re in trouble and it’s ok to say they’re in trouble and its ok to come and ask for help,” Roy Connaughton, CEO of Arrowhead Center.

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