DBU Closing Hurts Veterinary Clinics in the Area

The Number of Vet Technicians Have Been Going Down Nationally

DULUTH, Minn.- Many industries and businesses in the Northland are impacted by the Duluth Business University closing, and local veterinarians say it could be a big problem for their clinics.

The Duluth Business School had a popular Veterinary Technician course, and more than half of the technicians at North Shore Veterinary Hospital in Duluth, were DBU graduates. There is a veterinary technician shortage across the nation, and North Shore Veterinary Hospital representatives say the clinic has been looking to hire a new technician for months, but has no applicants.

“A Veterinary technician is a huge part of what we do. They are really the driving force behind our surgical care, anything other than the actual surgical procedure is all done, driven by the technician,” said Holly Rosendahl, the Practice Manager of the North Shore Veterinary Hospital.

Representatives say the clinics also miss out on having interns from DBU to help out.

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