Adults Struggle Staying on the Bench

Western Duluth Little League battles overzealous parents and coaches

Duluth, Minn.- Sports can be a great tool for parents to teach their kids team work and sportsmanship but sometimes the adults could use a lesson of their own.



“We’ll post signs on the fence for example to just remind folks and spectators that these are young kids, this is a kids game and we’re here to have fun and most importantly learn some good life lessons,” said Ian Lewandowski, President of Western Duluth Little League.


Leagues and teams across the nation deal with it every year, overzealous parents and coaches that don’t want to stay on the bench. Western Duluth little league is no exception.

“There’s been a time when myself i had to ask a visiting coach to not return to our field because he just went too far, was just a little too upset that day,” said Lewandowski.

Umpires for Western Duluth Little League are also players and usually still learning.


“They’re learning how to make quick decisions, being loud and confident with those decisions in front of a group of adults,” said Lewandowski.

“There has been a couple of coaches that have gone on to the field and yelled at me and I don’t know, it’s just a kids game, i don’t know why they’re so competitive about it,” said Darian Lewandowski, a player and umpire.

Parents like Carrie Maki, understand why emotions can run high during a game.

“Sometimes you’re a little irritated because you’re dealing with an ump that’s a little inexperienced or maybe you have an ump that you know doesn’t make good calls,” said Maki, a baseball parent.

However, Carrie uses the calls she may not agree with as another way to teach her son.

“It is just a game and you have to learn from losing or bad calls just like you do winning so there’s lessons in all of it,” said Maki.


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