A Look Back at the 2016 Windstorm

Minnesota Power has Implemented New Policies After the Storm

DULUTH, Minn.-One year ago today, crews from across the area were cleaning up the Northland after a devastating windstorm swept through the area.

Today we spoke with one Minnesota Power about what changes they’ve made  since the storm.

Much of the Northland had power restored after three days – some had power out for as long as seven days.

“Investing in our infrastructure, looking at ways we can improve our equipment or make changes within the grid to better mitigate some of these extreme weather events,” said Amy Rutledge, Minnesota Power spokesperson. “Certainly we’ve been taking those steps as well.”

Today, we also spoke with those that provided services to remove trees in the area.

One tree service provider said he got 500 calls the day after the storm hit – he still gets them today.

“In fact we’re still getting calls this year people who called last year,” said James Hakala, owner of Amberjack Tree Service.

The owner of Amberjack Tree Service said it was impossible to answer all the calls last summer, but they sure did try.


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