Storm Cleanup Continues in Fredenberg Township

Residents Still Have Brush and Branches to Cut and Burn

FREDENBERG TOWNSHIP, Minn. – Storm cleanup continues in Fredenberg Township. The community there was hit hard Friday evening by damaging winds from severe thunderstorms.

Friday night’s storm caused damage to homes and other structures across the Northland. Sunday, residents continue working to clean up the mess the storm left behind.

Brush fires burn throughout Fredenberg Township as homeowners try to get rid of branches blown down in their lawns, but Friday’s high powered winds caused more damage than that. One couple lost the entire roof of their fabric horse riding arena.

“We could see half of it flopping in the wind and when we got up the next morning, it was totally, totally gone,” says John Prentice, owner of the damaged building.

But the Prentices are glad more significant property damage wasn’t done.

“There’s a lot of people that had a lot more damage to their house,” says Prentice. “There was people that were hurt. We were just blessed that kind of stuff didn’t happen to us.”

As they continue cutting brush and stacking piles of fallen logs, John and Peggy are impressed with the help they’ve gotten from neighbors.

“You just don’t see the neighbors or have contact with them and, after an event like this, all of a sudden the neighbors are in your yard saying how you doing and stuff like that and if they can help a little bit,” says Peggy Twining-Prentice.

But they still believe, after back to back years with damaging storms on the same date, that all this has happened for a reason.

“We don’t know why,” says John Prentice. “But there’s got to be a reason for it.”

The Prentices say they didn’t have that many trees down in their lawn so cutting up the brush should only take a couple days. They’re now looking into making an insurance claim so they can put a new roof on their fabric building.

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