Little Kitten Takes Ride of a Lifetime Underneath Truck

The Cat Rode from Silver Bay to Carlton

CARLTON, Minn.- It was a regular work day for Joshua Nelson, A Black Bear Casino Security guard, when he got an unusual call on his radio that there was a possible cat underneath a car.

“Get out there and hear these meowing. Look under the vehicle couldn’t see anything,” says Joshua.

After closer inspection Joshua saw the head of a kitten sticking out of the undercarriage of the car, and was able to grab the cat.

“I was surprised it was all in one piece and everything was fine with the animal,” says Joshua.

Black Bear Casino employees learned from the owner of the vehicle that the cat had possibly hopped aboard the car somewhere north of silver bay, before riding all the way down to black bear casino.   Now that the cat was here, they were at a loss of what to do.  That’s when one employee stepped up to give the kitten a new home.

“I was on my lunch and I went out onto the ramp and I took one look at her and said I’ll take her. I didn’t know if it was a boy or girl at the time. It didn’t matter, I just kind of fell in love right there,” said Sheila.

Shiela Harker, a security guard at Black Bear Casino, used to have 2 cats, but one passed away recently.  Sheila hopes the new kitten will be a good companion to her other cat.  The kitten’s name is yet to be decided.

“That’s kind of been a debate. Lucky might not be a bad name, right now it’s kinda spunky, because she’s learned how to find feet under the bed. She’s just a joy,” says Shiela.

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