Ordinance To Allow More Road Usage By Class One ATV’s

Carlton County Looking To Adopt New Ordinance

Carlton, Minn

Carlton County officials aim to take ATV’s from off the road to on them through a new ordinance. The ordinance would allow more access along county and state roads and highways. Something other Northland counties have already done.

Carlton County, unlike St. Louis and Pine Counties prohibits class one ATV’s from using the side of county state roads and unorganized township roads.

Working with local ATV groups, Carlton County officials have been working towards a new ordinance to allow more leeway for smaller ATV’s.

“I think it’s just been in the works here. Our ATV clubs have talked to us. We just want to make sure that we get things right,” Carlton County Commissioner, Gary Peterson said.

Currently, state statute allows for class two or better known as side by sides to operate the shoulders

Something smaller ATV owners want changed.

“The class two machines are already legal on the side of county roads. It would really help out people that are in groups with multiple machines with many different kinds and it will help keep everybody together,” President of the Carlton County Riders, Eric Senarighi said.

With tons of dirt to rip through, accessibility is key.

“So many different kinds of dirt. There’s sand to the south and clay to the north and it’s a real fun place to ride.” Senarighi says.

With current restrictions certain ATV’s must use rough terrain, ditches or even wet lands to make it from point a to point b.

“This will open up the avenues for the ATV’s to be able to travel in sometimes in a lot of cases more safely than the outer slope of the ditches which can be dangerous at times,” Carlton County Sheriff, Kelly Lake says.

It’s an accident waiting to happen.

“There is potential for that. Anytime you’re going through the ditch that isn’t mowed you can’t see the obstacles,” Lake says.

With the new ordinance everybody wins including local businesses.

“Wrenshall for example us 5 miles off of the state trail that goes to Cass Lake. You could bring people into town there for gas and food and there’s repair, there’s a guy in town who repairs machines.” Senarighi says.

So as you plan to hit the open road, the Sheriff wants to remind you of a few things.

“My hopes is that they’ll be respectful of the laws and the roads and the safety and we won’t have many issues with it,” Lake said.

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