Arrowhead Road Construction Begins Monday in Hermantown

Engineers say this is one of the busiest county roads in the area, with about 13,000 cars passing through every day

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Construction is set to begin on a busy stretch of road in Hermantown.

Starting Monday, Saint Louis County crews will start work along West Arrowhead Road near Highway 53 to help improve the flow of traffic and safety in that area.

Engineers say this is one of the busiest county roads in the area, with about 13,000 cars passing through every day.

Most of the actual road construction on Arrowhead Road won’t affect drivers until mid–August, but on Monday work will begin on a new frontage road between the Holiday gas station and the Kolar dealership.

Steve Krasaway, resident engineer with Saint Louis County says with the proximity to Highway 53, these roads cause many accidents and traffic congestion, so they wanted to address some key problems before they got any worse.

“This is a $2 million project on about a three-quarter mile section of road,” said Krasaway. “This project will include a new traffic signal on Menard Drive by Napa, a median extension up to Menard Drive, ADA improvements, a new sidewalk, and all new pavement from Highway 53 all the way past Haines Road.”

Traffic on Arrowhead Road will remain open through the duration of the project and signs will be out to direct drivers to nearby businesses.

John Schuman is the co–owner of Foster’s Sports Bar and Grill on Arrowhead Road. He says the construction will most likely impact people stopping in to his restaurant, but knows this stretch of road needs to be fixed.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be a positive thing,” said Schuman. “I’m hoping some of the workers will want to have some lunch and have something afterwards, but it’s got to get done. We’ll make the best of it.”

Drivers should expect 5 to 10 minute delays between mid–August and late October.

Another portion of this project will affect many people heading to the Duluth International Airport nearby. The south portion of the Haines Road and Arrowhead Road intersection will be closed for a period of time in September to allow crews to replace the traffic signals.

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