Paid Sick And Safe Task Force Steps Closer To Closing Deal

Referendum To Be Presented To City Council

Duluth, Minn.

The Duluth City Council is working to adopt a sensible paid sick time policy.

Tonight it seems as if some progress has been made.

Duluth’s earn sick and safe time task force plans to present a final draft of the referendum to the Duluth City Council to approve or not approve.

If approved employees that currently don’t receive any paid sick leave would now be able to accumulate hours to help with much needed time off when needed.

“We know that 46% of the population would end up to having access to earn sick and safe time. Tangibly what does that look like, it looks like people and families not having to make a choice about whether they go to work sick or send their kid to school sick because they can’t afford to take a day off work.” Shawnu Ksicinski, Duluth Program Manager, Take Action MN says

The Duluth City Council is expected to vote on the measure in the fall.

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