Celebrating The Last Two Harbors Kayak Festival & Race

After 20 Years The Two Harbors Kayak Festival Comes To An End

TWO HARBORS, MINN – The Two Harbors Kayak Fest is paddling on to new adventures. This will be the last of the annual fests that have been going on for 20  years.

“We are down to 40 racers this year from a high of 120. Sponsorship is down. I think it’s just after 20 years people decide they are going to try something else.” said the Director of the Fest and Race Scott Neustel.  “Everyone is pretty sad, yes they are, and they do understand though.  To put this event on is about $10,000 and we are just running out of money and running out of participants. But the people that are here this weekend are having a great time and we probably have our best weather we have ever had for the kayak festival. Go figure, right!”

The 18 mile annual race was cancelled this year, but the 10 and 5 mile races took place.

The winners of the race said, “Knowing it was the last one and you have friends from all of these past ones right there with you, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this! We’ve been at this a long time!” commented Bob Kinderman and Cynthia Little who took first place in the last Two Harbors kayak race.

For more information on the race winners and how beginners enjoyed the demo kayaks, check out the video above.

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