Bike Share Companies Gets Ok To Move In To Superior

Zagsters Bike Share Based Out Of Boston Will Provide Services

Superior, Wis.

Superior City Council voted yes to allow a Boston based bike share company to move into town. Bike share company Zagster has the authority to move forward.

The move will bring four bike stations containing 5 bikes at each location. Locations tentatively include Billings Park, Barkers Island, UWS campus and Allouez areas.

The goal for the city is to allow for more access and recreation around the city of Superior. Those wanting to ride the bikes on an annual basis would be looking to pay about $40 a year for membership. Students would pay a lesser annual fee, and tourist would pay by the hour.

Mayor Jim Paine says it’s a win for the city.

“I’m absolutely thrilled about it. It’s a real strong signed that this is going to be progressive community that embraces alternative and active forms of transportation. It’s fantastic for many sectors of our community,” Paine says.

For a 2 year lease it will cost 72 thousand dollars. The city voted yes to cover 25% of the costs while the other 75% coming from private donations. The money that the City of Superior will pay their share with will come fro the Hotel/Motel tax accumulated over time.

Not all council members were on board with the proposal. Councilors Fennessey, Dalbec, and Sutherland opposed the idea. Craig Sutherland stating that the city’s infrastructure just isn’t ready for what he calls a bike rental company.

“I think we need to put the trial before the bike. Right now I don’t think our strength are bike friendly or our intersections,” said Sutherland.

Members would use an app for accessibility while using the bike share program. Smart phones aren’t necessary because bikers could text and be able to access the program. A Zagster representative was present at the meeting and says that the company hopes to launch in the spring of 2018.

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