Spirit Valley Days Kick Off

Car Show In Remembrance Of Long Time Car Guy

Duluth, Minn.

The weather was nice and Twin Ports residents sure seemed to have enjoyed it. Grand Avenue was jammed packed today. The first of a 5 day stretch celebrating west Duluth.

“It’s very nice to have a gathering like this for multiple days because you get to see people that have moved away. They come back here to enjoy this and renew your friendships and catch up on things you missed when you were together.” William Mattson, West Duluth Resident

“After all this hot weather, this is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. You can’t do better than this.” said Joan Mattson, West Duluth Resident

For some it’s a walk down memory lane

“We had Dorothy, we had Central Theatre. It’s changed immensely.”

Today’s big ticket, the car show in remembrance of Kyle Smalley, a car guy that will be remembered for not only his cars, but his kindness.

“I think kind of help teach everybody that life is not always about yourself, help each other out.” Jesse Smalley, Kyle’s Son said.

“He was all about kindness and welcoming all types of people and we love and remember him for that, so it’s really cool that we get to plan this for him.” Carmen Smalley, Kyle’s Daughter said.

Kyle Smalley built the engine for Wayne Carlton’s 54 ford. Wayne will always have a special place in his heart for Kyle.

“I have it on my wall in the bedroom. He was such a great guy. I loved him, that’s all I can say I can tear up too.” Wayne Carlton, Car Lover said.

For Kyle’s longtime wife, she knows Kyle is looking down enjoying today just like everyone else.

“It’s really wonderful. West Duluth was Kyle’s stomping grounds and was just a place that he loved and he loved the West Duluth car show. That meant a lot to him so having it on the street he would love seeing this, he would be proud,” Terry Smalley, Kyle’s Longtime Wife said.

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